Employers End of Financial Year Checklist

checklistIf you run your own business the below checklist is key.

To do Checklist:

Payment Summaries

Have you paid employees this financial year? Don’t forget to provide them with their payment summary by 14 July- even if you didn’t withhold any tax.

You can order a copy of the ATO ‘PAYG payment summary – individual non-business’ form using the ATO automated self-help publications ordering service.


PAYG withholding Annual report

Your annual report recording the wages, salaries and other work-related payments you have paid needs to be lodged by 14 August.

Did you know that lodging earlier benefits your employees?

We use your information to prefill their tax return making it easier and quicker for them to lodge. Lodge your paperwork early this year and tick it off your list!


Tax tables

Start the next financial year on the right track and check you’re using the current PAYG withholding rates for your employees with our tax tables. You can also use the ATO’s tax withheld calculator.



Your quarterly superannuation payments are due on 28 July. Use the ATO Key dates function in the newsroom or the ATO app to set reminders and alerts for important dates like this one.


If you would like to know more about hiring employees click here to find out what you need to know.

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