Asset Purchase

Asset Purchase

Taxwise Tax Accountants have extensive asset knowledge and can guide you to make the most tax effective decisions for your circumstances.


When purchasing or selling an asset it is vital you are keeping the correct information. Here is a universal list of information you need to keep.

  • 1 Date of purchase
  • 2 Cost of purchase
  • 3 Type of asset purchased
  • 4 Description of the asset
  • 5 Location of the asset
  • 6 Asset identification number
  • 7 Name of the vendor

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Taxes on assets are determined by the type of asset purchased and vary depending on whether an individual or other entity purchased it (e.g. company, partnership, trust etc). For more information on specific taxes applicable to an asset, it is highly recommended to seek professional advice from a Taxwise professional.

Taxwise Tax Accountants will be here for you all year round not only to assist with asset purchases and taxation, but to guide you through your tax planning and ongoing tax affairs when you and your business need it most. This approach helps Taxwise help you minimise your taxes from day one through to retirement.

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