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What just 6 recent clients say…

“My tax refund was more than I was expecting”

“It was a pleasure to have  Taxwise Australia. At the outset, I knew they were serious about getting me the biggest and fastest refund allowed by the ATO. I also knew my return would be prepared correctly so I didn’t have to worry about the ATO jumping on my back.   I was presented with a summary of my taxes, an estimation of my tax refund (which was more than I was expecting) and a transaction receipt from the Tax Office confirming my tax refund had been lodged.

They also spent time, at no extra cost, to answer my questions in a language I could understand together with their wicked sense of humour. All I can say is well done and I look forward to seeing you again next year for a repeat performance.” - Nima Mesbah Ardakani, Wembley, WA.

“Not worrying…”

Thank you Taxwise.   Indeed you are excellent tax advisors and I’m not worrying as long as you are taking care of my financial issues…” – Iyad Dayoub, Daytona, WA

“Efficient and spot on”

“I was surprised when I heard there was a Tax Agent who would prepare my taxes over the telephone so I did not have to even step outside my front door.

Taxwise were efficient and spot on with what I needed from a Tax Agent. I thought this in itself was great until I realised they specialised in individuals and went that extra mile to claim the maximum I could for my tax return.   Taxwise has significantly improved the result of my return from last year all because they spent a little more time and had the knowledge in my field of work.

I would highly recommend Anyone from Taxwise to all individuals simply because they understands us and speak our language.” – Saud Hamza, Bateman, WA.

“Ecstatic when $5,039.33 appeared in my bank account”

“I’m extremely pleased with the level of service and was ecstatic when $5,039.33 appeared in my bank account within days of completing my taxes with Taxwise. It was the biggest refund I have ever received. All documentation was sent via e-mail, but what impressed me most was their thoroughness. They discovered the Tax Office had reversed my husband’s and my Medicare Levy Exemptions from previous years and left me with a bill of $895.71. Taxwise spontaneously took the necessary steps to have this error corrected and I’m pleased to say I now owe the Tax Office nothing.” – Mayasa Jasmin Bateman, WA.

“My financials are in safe hands”

“Thanks so much for your help to me. I’m glad my financials are in safe hands! I’ll recommend your service to my friends. Cheers.” – Carol Dowling, Maddington, WA

“Very professional and personal”

“I appreciate your service, which I must say is very professional and personal. I do wish to retain your services and I will be in touch with you.”- Robert Ramirez, South Hedland, WA

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